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Terrorists among us! People shouted with such fright,
Bar all the windows, close out the night!
They’re all around us, they’re here in our midst
We just sit here helpless, meal for their grist.
How can we stop them? Oh, what shall we do?
Islamic invasion that’s coming for you!
If they get a toe hold we’ll go from good to bad,
Must find a way to stop radical jihad!
Pondered for a moment then up flew a fist,
Eureka! I have found it! A way to resist.
We’ll arm to the teeth, Second Amendment, be glad!
With guns we can thwart those whose intentions are bad.
Guns, ammo, bullets sold like hotcakes;
Just need more weapons, boys, whatever it takes!
Mideastern miscreants, we’ll shoot them in the streets,
Armed with A-K forty-sevens, now we can sleep!
Hoped for security was just a pipe dream;
News of jihadist armies filled my TV screen.
Fight’s just begun, what more can we do?
These radical Islamic terrorists who look like law abiding American citizens and are protected under The US Constitution are flooding YouTube!
Pondered the question of how to step up the game,
We’ll limit their on-line access! came the bellowed refrain.
We’ll make it a crime to watch un-American stories,
Thus we’ll return US to her former glory!
Lines were drawn in metaphorical sand,
Keep those rascals quarantined in Iraq and Iran!
Freedom of speech is small price to pay
If we keep radical Muslims far, far away.
Far Far Away is Shrek’s fairy land;
First Amendment rule of law by which nation stands.
Limit viewing access from what’s ugly in the red, white and blue
Is heinous anti-American crime it is true.
When freedom is toppled for security
Then terrorists defeat all in land of the free.