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Little white haired lady with knees big as grapefruit,
Was jogging along, I was in hot pursuit.
Hot, humid 5K, Independence Day,
Figured had her caught and from her’d run away.

Toothpick like legs, still her knees kept a knockin’:
Each stride she took made a noise that was shocking.
‘Fore half-a-mile had passed I’d got out in front,
Was working hard, heart going thumpity-thump!

Passed first mile marker at new old-man pace;
Not quite dead yet, now “participate” more than race.
Time on stopwatch had me ahead of my game,
Loud huffing and puffing came my hard refrain.

We four raced along, son, friend and my dear wife,
I was back of our pack but wife was in sight.
Fleet footed runners who were hurrying in
Saw my bearded boy wonder and we exchanged grins.

I rounded return loop and there up ahead
Was mile marker two, checked what stopwatch said.
Pace it had slowed and to add to my despair
The knock kneed Q-Tip passed me without a care.

My tired feet were achy, my belly shook,
Tried to poor on steam but will power me forsook.
Crossed finish line, my delightful wife called out
She worked mighty hard her faster time not to flout.