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Acapulco a cappella acupuncturist;
Barbaric Beirut brawler patient on doc’s list.

Colorado’s colitas cultivators flaunt fed’ral law;
Denver dope detectives are awed by record tax windfall.

Early Egyptian excavators stole treasured art;
Faithful Faiyum functionaries take art thieves to court.

Grizzled Gaza girls tend to look down their noses;
Harried Haifa Hebrews dream of seaside poses.

Irascible Icelandic iguanas can’t shiver though they’re cold;
Jovial Jamaican juggernaut Usain Bolt races for the gold.

Kaleidoscopic Kiwi kleptos steal stars from southern sky;
Leaping Leipzig lions enjoy munching on passersby.

Magnificent Mayan melons ripen to perfection in the sun;
Nile’s narcoleptic Nefertiti slept through all the ancient fun.

Obsessive Olympia orthodontist has straight teeth OCD;
Pugilistic Peoria pediatrician fights with kids he sees.

Qatar’s quixotic quarrels do not always end peacefully;
Reviled Rwandan renegades fought to make land Tutsi free.

Sub-Saharan somnambulists sleep across four time zones.
Tiny Tasmania’s town-callers single time intone.

Undulating Ugandan uvulas rattle blowing  vuvuzelas;
Voracious Venezuelan Vorpels Jabberwocky dames or fellas.

Whispering Wyoming wisteria is brushed by saddle jockeys;
Xanadu’s xenophobic xylophone players ignore all black keys.

Ypsilanti yearbook yearns that Fighting Eagles battle to number one;
Zany Zurich zeitgeist declares rhymes and alliteration time is done.