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Aristotelian logic moves us to B from point A
Awesome stepping stone in leaving mire of Le Brea
Causation and connection of how this effects that
Placed huge ostrich plume in civilization’s nascent hat

If all cats have whiskers and Whiskers is a cat
Then Whiskers has whiskers, Aristotle he proved that
Organizing data, trying to make sense
Was Eve’s, wife of Adam, lease breaking offense?

Royal proclamation, decree from priests to all
Absurd thought process chained truth to the wall
Logic’s not perfect as it comes from men
These new ways to think put us in less septic pen

Early humans with magic trying to divine
Rules of world lived on, arise from chaotic times
Jumps and starts created ways to look at things
Some views satiated others left us hungering

Gift of Grecian thinking, progress circumscribed
Still, key that freed us also made us tongue tied
Symbols, assumptions, and yes, language too
Mere approximations of reality true

Remember cat named Whiskers? We all know the joke
Sophomoric humor at logic it pokes
If all cats have whiskers, and Bob has whiskers too
Then he must be feline, a clever misconstrue

Brains get hard wired, accept what we’re told
Stuck below horizon, can’t cross truth’s threshold
Powerful paradigms, labor to understand
Could this be the cusp of thought liberated man?