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Yarn that I’m spinning, tale that I tell
If it didn’t happen it might as well.
Out of the southland, across Rio Grande,
came ruthless, satanic, Mexican drug dealing band.
Los Zetas’ calves size of rich ripe cantaloupe:
Enter our country, our women to grope.
Bent on destruction and other foul deeds,
“Please send a savior!” was our fervent plea.
Down from the north with hair like a bad rug,
our Fuhrer, our savior, millionaire New York thug.
He mounted the dais, stepped to lectern
and it wasn’t just Mexicans he started to scorn.
“I’ll build a wall, mighty and tall!
“Don’t worry ‘bout cost; Mexico’ll pay for it all.
“And disgusting Muslims who kill for god’s glory?
“Won’t let them in; end of the story.”
So glad for a savior we let loose a shout,
now evil from ‘Murica we soon shall rout.
“We’ll scream, ‘Merry Christmas!’ at gals in hijabs,
“It’ll be a fantastic life; we’ll show ‘em how!”
Trumpeted, “Terrific! Fantastic! First Rate!
“We’ll kill ’em with kindness or kill ‘em with hate.
“Though the system is rigged it’s plain to me
“Make America great with New GOP!”
Holocaust museum says Never Again
but we’re trumpeting crusade ‘gainst others great sins.
With The Donald to lead us how can we fail?
(“Big shame FBI didn’t send Hillary to jail.”)
Put on your brown shirts, prepare for a fight.
Have your Klan robes pressed, make them ultra-white.
To hell with dark talk of hope and change,
Time to make ‘Murica lily white again!
We’ll win the election and then storm the land;
stand shoulder to shoulder, each bigoted small man.
Just one final hurdle that we’ll have to cross;
Seems our Constitution we’ll have to toss.
Small price to pay to make America great,
if you’re not one of us better run ‘fore it’s too late.