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One thousand posts in nine hundred twenty-two days;
How many hours have I spent typing away?
Collecting thoughts and sharing long ago stories,
Both prose and verse, “enhancing” previous glories.

Roller coaster emotions in two -n- half years,
Fictional triumphs along with heartfelt salt tears.
Plays that I’ve written chronicling life events,
Decline of my body as I pay age’s rent.

Look through pages I’ve categorized as fiction;
So many real people, towns, actual diction.
Gladly shared highs and lows and unburdened my soul,
Hope worst crimes of my past you all will never know.

Dreamed of becoming a writer and being’a hit,
Seven billion plus people but few like my wit.
I’ll just keep plugging away and writing thoughts down,
Blogging’s safety valve so in own words I don’t drown.