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Dallas Police Victims

Hot dry Texas tinder ignited by a spark
People seeking justice shot down in the dark
Power of tornado inflamed Lone Star State
Two different views of authority peace eviscerates

Blue Coats law and order; job Protect and Serve
Every day a battleground requiring steely nerves
Split second decisions turn the wheel of fate
Mistake innocent for predator bring down world of hate

Grays have been downtrodden want equal rights for all
Far too many Blue Coats practice capricious kind of law
Legal consequences change with color of skin
Gray Coats demand Charter where every man might win

In vast Blue Coat Army most are proud and brave
Desire to protect innocents from foul and deranged
Renegades in blue cotton saccharine corruption seduced
Boll Weevils of police force authority usurped

Litany of Gray Coats snuffed out by Johnny Law
More than Man can stomach “Black Lives Matter” righteous call
Castile’s and Sterling’s urns in mausoleums’ side
Impetuous for peaceful march to turn the unjust tide

Dry tinder of Texas not just in Lone Star State
Madman’s desperation led to vile act of hate
Aztec god of vengeance high on Guadalupe Peak
Brought down rain of bullets on Blue Coats in the street

Desire for justness value we all share
Warring Blue and Gray Coats act out in despair
Battle lines we’re drawing make me fearful for U.S.
Pray that in nation’s quest for order justice is manifest