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With eyes cast outward we all observe
Foibles of others, their actions absurd
Just do it my way is song we all sing
So many voices but who’s listening?

Working together is thing of the past
Look to our leaders; they’re broken and crass
How did we manage to wind up down here?
Jacob’s ladder is no longer near

Hope of the fathers for daughters and sons
Gone with the deluge tsunami did run
Mothers crestfallen with state of the earth
In supplication for return of mirth

Daughters uncertain of upcoming fate
Shares hammered to weapons honoring hate
Where is messiah to lead us to peace?
No one is listening; grief without surcease

Created our problem by throwing away
Courteous compassion needed each day
Allah or Yahweh or Jesus the son
We’re all that we have until life is done

Solution to problems comes from within
Treat each man and woman, love them like kin
Dividing us up into warring camps
Leads to disaster and spoils our chance

Of being a people where all have rights
Regardless of color, or army’s might
Loving our neighbor is what we must do
Do it for me and I’ll do it for you

God in his heaven is looking to us
To come together, end fear and mistrust
Only way forward is if we all try
Alternative? Is to watch the world die.