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From south of the border came a dark handsome man
Dear damsel he rescued and brought back to warm sand
Caught in ocean’s current was carried by riptide
Dove into moonlit water lest young girl should die

He swam fast to her rescue regardless of risk
Brought girl to shore, released her from Dark Angel’s kiss
Couple lay as spent lovers just catching their breath
Warm breeze and soft moonlight the night air did caress

“Are you all right?” he inquired with heavy accent
“I am thanks to you,” answered without hesitance
“Please tell me, courageous stranger, what is your name?”
“Me llamo Leo Briceño, ” gentle refrain

She thanked him dearly as she extended her hand
“My name is Victoria; please help me to stand.”
Up he sprang to fulfill sweet feminine request
Helped her ascend with two strong arms round wasp like waist

Arms of steel wrapped in velvet caused her heart to stir
She let loose hearty laugh and said, “Thank you, kind sir”
Barefoot, arm in arm, gamboled along empty beach
Brought forth new sparkling romance both sincere and sweet

Paused in their meander, he took her in his arms
Soul kiss that they shared made them feel welcome and warm
At her car they knew it was now time to depart
Exchanged phone numbers then rehearsed more kissing art

“Te llamare mañana,” promised Briceño
He said, “Make me a promise before you do go.”
Under tropical moon she looked at him and grinned
“Next time we’re together let me teach you to swim.”