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Scampaign of virtue presented just right
Look my way right here, in the proper light

Canines are dripping with blood that is red
If you dare cross me I’ll bite off your head

But I am temperate in my policies
Opposing party is sick and diseased

Jump on bandwagon; won’t let you stray
Fly into my web I’ll make sure you stay

Longing for winner, you really want one
God as our Father makes me favorite son

Working together is not in the wind
Opposing party just driven by sin

Solve all of our problems in blink of an eye
I’m new Messiah; bow as I walk by

Bipartisanship not part of campaign
Other side’s evil, true fact that’s quite plain

Polls that enlighten are trending my way
Flaws of opponent can’t be overplayed

Scampaign promises I pledge here and now
My fingers aren’t crossed is my sacred vow