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Election Day we’ll do our best to honor call of Democracy’s test.
Our choices two? Much more than that; test time is here, but I’m feeling flat.
Feel the duty, feel the call, but which way should election fall?

Jesus cried, ‘Take cup from my lips,’ he stood scourged, spat on and whipped.
Today’s cross much less than His, choose the leader whose best equipped.
Straightforward task but not a simple job this election choice makes grown men sob.

George Wallace or Louis Farrakhan: If these were our choices who’d be your man?
What brand of bigotry would you abide? And in your choice, could you take pride?
Evil gnome or wretched crone, whom should we place in White House home?

Winston Smith, 1984, said it all, two plus two’s no longer four.
Drink Hemlock or the Kool Aid? That’s how I view election charade.
If we could rise above it all, choose contestants proud and tall?

Would our current wannabes be seen in bas relief?
I’ll keep hoping we’ll have reward in 2020 vision is restored
Though I cry in such shame I’ll go and vote for Democracy’s gain.