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Old or new
hard to say
temporal distance
varies day to day.
One hundred years,
eon ago
or when Mesopotamian
society rose.

Major world events,
or personal hallmarks,
time’s mile markers
by which we tally benchmarks.
Event from our youth,
first day of class,
so long ago,
great time has passed.

Bump up a decade,
now we’re fifteen,
still prehistoric
or recent scene?
Lived in which house?
Before finding mate?
Parents still living?
Did you procreate?

Milestones of memory
from grand to minute
these are the measures
by which time we reboot.
Birth of grandchild,
delivery of his dad
both seemed to have happened
in days so recently passed.

Time may be constant
but memory varies,
it ebbs and flows,
crashes in waves
and riddles our head
in ways
so contrary.