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I still hear torment in Daddy’s plea
when he would demand of me,
“Son, where do you plan to go when you die?”
That was the damning question
he posed when he knew that I had lied.
To tender child these gentle words he spoke
could always bring tears to my repentant eyes.

Daddy was a giant in oh so many ways,
stood six feet four
and to great Yahweh he prayed.
Did his best for his family to provide,
sitting on his loving lap
Always made me feel so warm inside.

Daddy loved his neighbor
as did himself
would offer man a hand up
and with Christian kindness would engulf.
But growing in shadow
of Nephilim larger than life
made me feel a pygmy
so I led a different life.

Lord I thought it righteousness
cavorting in sin, drinking, dealing, gambling,
far too many bedrooms that I`ve not slept in.
Daddy he prayed for me
offered guidance based on love.
Tried so hard to help me see
but hands of sin caressed me in soft satin gloves.

Gospel from Luke fifteen eleven
on a frosty morn in December
left warm house
and into winter storm I fled.
Freedom tasted oh so sweet
but from His love I did retreat.
So many chains throughout the years
bound me to what really didn’t matter,
hedonistic world of living just for pleasure.
Soul yearned for Father`s love
but I`d fallen to disaster.

So like prodigal journeyed home where I was loved,
dreaming Gospel story
but fearing great ever after.
Would I be welcomed with fatted calf
or forever feed on crow, never my own master?

Arrived at drive of old homestead,
lawn was thick with weeds,
I wondered what could be the matter?
Up the steps, onto the stoop,
finger poised above the bell,
power to press it did elude.
Took a breath to calm my soul,
knocked gently on the door
of childhood memories woven of richest gold.

Stooped woman who’d grown old
stared at my face,
recognition not a trace.
I knew not what to say,
finally blurted out, “Hello, Mom, it’s me.
I’ve returned to loving home
to offer recompense
for strife I caused when I did roam.”

Mama’s mouth and eye’s flew open wide
next she was hugging me with maternal pride.
“Oh, Lord! Oh, glory be!
Just wish your dad was still alive to see.
Passed on to eternal peace
He left this world missing you indeed.”

I bowed my head,
tears filled my eyes,
knowing loving, gentle giant never more shall I spy.
Tenderly took mama’s hand
pray that together
she’ll show this boy
to be
man.Grown mother and son