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So many long for freedom’s glorious kiss.
Lives chained by poverty and prejudice.
Fettered to the ground,
no justice found,
mournful sound,
mournful sound.

Why does Man long to keep his brother chained?
View as subhuman, treat with harsh disdain?
Perpetrate such lies,
with evil’s cries,
hope just dies,
hope just dies.

How many times just tisk and look away?
Our only response is for justice pray?
Or with eyes downcast,
just walk on past,
feel aghast,
feel aghast.

Oh, will our hearts ever feel the thunder?
Heed the call to love all like a brother?
Treat each as neighbor,
never waiver,
feel love stir,
feel love stir.

Each human being part of greater whole.
All endowed by maker with loving soul.
Short time here on Earth,
what is life worth,
without mirth,
without mirth.

Strength lies not in imprisoning others.
Skyward we dance with sisters and brothers.
Ever up we go,
heaven’s tango,
make it so,
make it so.