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Lightning strike! Split the night! Flashed so bright; bathed in white.
Shocking power. Ducked and cowered. Volts flew downward; hot sparks showered.

Shook from fear for my life, heart raced fast from the sight.
Was burned and singed by white-hot knife; deliver me from anguished strife.

Quadrillion volts were here then gone; electric charge raced up my arm.
Flash that first let me see left my eyes blind to scene.

I fell down ‘pon my knees, longed for help; fear to cease.
Smelled the smoke, felt the heat, panic now raised heartbeat.

Danger was in the air: Where to flee knew not where.
Then a voice called to me, “Fear no more: Here for thee.”

“Who are you?” I called out, was assured led the route.
Through the heat and the flames we voyaged; safety gained.

So glacially began to see: Unknown stranger now gone from me.
I saw spots damaged eyes, flesh was singed; sat and cried.

Wish that I savior thanked; my life saved he broke ranks.
Very slow regained thought; though fears calmed, shook in fit.

Danger struck, I’d been caught, generous soul helped me out.
Each may face crucible helping hands make life full.

Great thunderbolt my life did jolt, kind stranger’s hands made me new man.
Calamity does test all men. Love thy neighbor best testament.