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Runner’s pooh is a quite righteous thing,
From down deep in the gut forcefully springs!
No holding it in by pinching ass cheeks,
Mighty insistent; know of what I speak.

Diligent runner tries for pre run dump;
But what kind of kaka comes from the rump?
Tepid, uncertain and not very fast,
Sorry kind of pooh that oozes from ass.

There’s no denying a load from the road,
Sub four minute miles it can explode!
Cataclysmic exchange load such as this,
Once it’s expelled there’s a feeling of bliss.

So much that was hidden down in the bowels
Erupts faster than light; erases scowl.
Trifle of goo may cling to running shorts,
Like baby’s first pooh, ’tis the tarry sort!

Strong laxatives constipation can treat
But a running poop works equally neat!
If you need to fire from down below
A running regime makes great colon blow!