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July’s fruit has all been picked
there is nothing left to glean
Sirius days of August heat
Makes so many folks act mean

All winter pray for summer
Then complain about the heat
When daylight hours are shortest
Nice to cuddle ‘neath the sheets

Desire what we can’t have
Is the human way to be
Contentment with position
Not for likes of you nor me

Children yearn for adulthood
Dreaming years will empower
We who’ve passed half century
At birthdays tend to cower

Kinky hair it gets ironed
To create locks that are flat
While permanents and curlers
Do opposite of that

Nine to five dream of adventure
Perhaps voyage on the sea
Those who fight the elements
Long for job that’s less risky

Unhappy where we’re standing
Hungry for that green, green grass
How many appreciate
Rather than dream of fresh ass?

May be human temperament
That gives us covetous eyes
Contentment with what we have
Seems condition for divine

Before we throw our cards in
Ask the dealer for new deck
Be grateful to Lord above
And countless blessings inspect

Admiring bright apples
While there’s nothing wrong with that
Before we pick a ripe one
Recall price of forbidden fruit


Artistic Nude