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Endless expanse of concrete slips underneath my feet
Thunderclouds just opened up; rain’s coming down in sheets
Sorrow that was my burden finally slipped away
Raining in November in my heart it’s sweetest May

Everything I need is everything that I have got
Same story as yesterday when suffered as have not
Journey of a lifetime taken in small daily steps
Dwell too long on futility head winds up a mess

No true answer to the question of why are we here?
We all must create own purpose, that is oh so clear
Some claim that Almighty for each has a special plan
Can’t swear if that’s truth or dream, just a song writing man

Frosty man observed had miles to go fore he could sleep
Walk through life’s journey upright as man or bowed as cowed sheep?
In life we each will follow and each of us must lead
Enigmatic puzzle in both deepest thought and deed

Pilgrimage that I’m walking is mine and mine alone
Hope ever to have song of praise that I do intone
Gossamer are slender ties that binds man to this life
Each of us must balance life’s blessings, burdens and strife

Three score and sixteen seems to be our life’s common due
Live in the moment; don’t know when Reaper’ll come for you
Whether we spend lives in sorrow or with mighty grin
Time spent in useless worry is self-inflicted sin

I know none of life’s answers, her plan’s a mystery
Praise for His sunshine even in midst of misery
Faced by plethora of problems, burdened by great grief
Grab the day and hold on tight because time is a thief

Philosophy that isn’t, song of serendipity?
Though wood may be dark and deep why treat it tragically?
To every life comes sunshine, before and after rain
Treatment when feeling blue? Sing to palliate the pain

split trail