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Figure eights added up equal sixteen
Written in base ten 8 + 8 looks serene
Configure it in two it’s plain to see
1000 + 1000 is 10,000; equal scene

Though humans tend to think in numerals
Everyone knows age is just a number
Birthday celebrations universal
Congrats on being teen! (Five times over)

Variations on how equation goes
Years keep passing  regardless of our woe
Good life is filled with friends who love us so
Seems that your blessings simply overflow

Three score and six, out sprang Lenore Two
Reared as true lady; properly tis true
From city of Gotham to north she flew
End for commuter train, land of Ann Marie

First of her line, known as one of six
Happiness found far out in upstate sticks
Grew from tiny child to Grandy of four
Two girls, two boys, four seems like enough

Planet circles sun every three, six, five
Annual remembrance of being alive
Lives that you’ve touched and people you have loved
Pray your year’s filled with peace of Christian Dove