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Sleeping solo in big King Size,
Missing woman here by my side.
She has flown far away I fear;
When she’ll return not at all clear.

Why did she leave? Why did she go?
Down on my knees begged her to stay!
Happiness replaced by sorrow;
Now that she’s gone so far away.

Needed freedom, is what she said;
Smothering ways made her feel dead.
Promised our love for all of time;
Hourglass holds bitterest wine.

Truly these old eyes had not seen
Sublime beauty, worth of a queen.
Lass with deep rich laughter inside,
Gorgeous woman, more than fair face.

Knew when we met she was my fate;
No question: Did not hesitate.
Showered with gifts, tokens of love,
Treasured hours spent with bright dove.

Folk rule half age then add seven?
Wisdom scorned; took seven away!
Age difference? We laughed and played
Promised love for rest of our days.

Bridal party looked a bit odd,
Half the church young, other half gray.
Marriage theme was September May;
Marital bliss won over crowd.

Anxiety changed who I was
Brought to dismay by selfish love.
Soon feared young buck would take my place
In love they’d fall; I’m obsolete.

When away she would go from me
Jealous monster, eyes could not see.
Suspicious fool when we would part;
Covetousness, evil dark heart.

Uttered no words of uptight fears.
Stupid childish apprehension
Allowed devil into our home:
Simply began freedom to rein.

Transfixed, deformed, twisted my mind.
Presentiment, baseless fear, fright,
Rose professed her undying heart:
Feared Irish beauty dreamed of flight.

Wild rose’s patience grew thinner,
Feared end of till death do us part.
Love flourishing had fled the scene;
Did her love cleave only to me?

Lived in darkness though she was light;
My obsession drove her to flight.
Now she has fled across the sea;
Dear Lord, please, grant patience to me.

I’ll keep waiting eternally,
Darkest exile away from her.
Wild Irish darling now I see,
Mate eternal; truly loves me.

Though no longer share bed nor home
Now know key to our happiness
Trust and respect that never roams:
Pray our union’s once again blessed.

Waves in Moonlight