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Joyful memories that just mock me; long to banish heart’s poverty
Now three seasons spent in darkness no enjoying simple largess
Languid hours spent in repose, flaccid response spirit deposed

Splash of sunshine with budding hope, pray that I am learning to cope.
Prodigal was Bible’s lost son, welcomed home by those that he loved
How to nurture power of light, release demons, again feel right?

Pray for guidance, from sleep arise, long to return pride to her eyes
She’s been won’dring, tell by her sighs, how much longer till her love dies?
Once were partners, equals in life, too long burdened, caretaker wife

Ties of despair have bound me tight can I escape, again take flight?
Rope is tighter than it should be, have I the strength to rescue me?
Spark’s beginning, long ago days, understand need, for this I pray

Fight continues with small vic’try; finally feel need to be free
Free from darkness, apathy gross, battles begun, arise from dross
Epic contests, struggles of life, made easier fought with strong wife

Sunrise set len Struttmann