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Pink frosted donuts reside round our middles
As we gluttonously gorge all day long
At one time our clothes they were little
But I fear that nation’s forever gone

Used to work both hard and rather swiftly
Now we just sit and dream of bygone days
Our waist-lines expand ever outward
This sugar high has put us in a daze

To the doctor we travel for a visit
Hoping she’ll tell us that we’re doing well
Her eyes popped and her jaw it dropped open
Asked how could population so quickly go to hell?

Go to hell!

Pies and cakes they too are quite tempting
To folks who have set will power free
Just one piece is all that we are eating
Course we eat a pie in its entirety

If you ask how ever did we stumble
Off the wagon of being fit and trim
Sheepishly we’ll admit our answer
Modern life’s hold is vice-like and quite grim

Good news is that we are making progress
As we fight to regain our former life
Light of day that we see at end of tunnel
Pray ain’t death though lipids in arteries are rife

They’re so rife!

A canting horse is quite good for riding
Exercise to again help us grow strong
We’d start today save for a little problem
Damn beast thinks fatties riding him’s just wrong

Sit poised at precipice of good intentions
Have a path to recovery that’s clear
Only one big obstacle to success
Fore we go need to down this six pack here

I have spurs that jingle jangle jingle
As I sing joyfully melancholy song
Hope tomorrow get my fat ass moving
But if you bet on it quite likely you’ll be wrong

You’ll be wrong!

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