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Instant gratification
Is what we’ve come to expect
Ask and Ye shall receive
Bible verse on which to reflect

Mathew, Luke, Mark and John
Are Gospel’s four architects
Followed Jesus around
Stories of His deeds did connect

Knew He the world would change
Time line far too circumspect
Plant a seed, watch it grow
Climbs slowly as love it collects

Earth drastically has changed
Patience no longer virtue I suspect
We’ve come to expect it now
Serenity aspect we all need to resurrect

Buddhist Zen Masters’
Koan method tediously slow prospect
Though great virtues they do teach
Memes today are depth we’ll introspect

Patience, time and attention
Sacred tools to show love and respect
Free gifts that we can all share
Or is our time too expensive aspect?

How long can this go on
Before whole Earth does disaffect?
Pray that all Mankind
Tranquility into our lives we’ll redirect

I want it now!
At patience’s altar world to genuflect
Looks like I’ll have to wait
For brazen haste to be put in check


Matthew Mark Luke John