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Insane, crazy, that’s how the world seems to be.
Killing people in Justice’s name appears
Atrocities for Allah is the ISIL style
Slaughtering Paschal Lambs gives jihadist big smiles
Go forth with death and destruction
Create orthodox caliphate
What kind of demonic creatures
Use Prophet’s words to promulgate hate?
Impotent angry children ramping up for war
Do their best to convince followers Muhammad loves murdering by the score
If these were aberrant toddlers
We’d give them a time-out
But it’s past time to try a more permanent route
Well return them to their mothers
Explain that they’ve been bad
Then send them to madrasas wearing huge dunce hats
Though this is a sick situation
The answer it seems to me
Is not to let hate consume us
Here in the land of the free
Too many calls for vengeance
Reciprocities galore
Will we end their violence
By banning Muslims from our shores?
Debate can go on forever
But one thing I know
Hard to enslave a people
When literacy and tolerance grows
So I’ll keep being ironic
Hope you do the same
Maybe one-day
Jihad Joe love can tame