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Oh, glory be! It’s all free! It’s all free! Glory be!
‘Murica slops greedily at trough of prosperity!
Whence self-sufficiency? ‘Murica! Land of the free!
Sam’s pockets, big and grand; take from you, you give to me!

Pork barrel day is nigh; corporations bleed us dry.
Stalwart support, sacred trust? Value that’s blown to dust.
Wall Street is in command, example for Every Man.
Buy low but sell high; master plan: Glory be! Give to me!

Proceed to Go to collect, squalid hovel, charge sky high rent.
Landlord’s job is greasing palms, of inspectors on the take.
Awfully hard to get ahead; cut some corners, no one’s hurt.
If things don’t go quite right, change corporate name, lawsuits avert.

Where is value in my work? Work the system, hit pay dirt.
Ethical dilemmas skirt. It’s all free! Oh, yes indeed!
Man with oh so pious look? Yes, he too, is a crook!
Gladly from church coffers took; let it be, money’s free!

So many with outstretched hand, Long Conning their fellow man.
Look the other way at scams; give some to me, I’ll let you be!
Up is down and left is right; nothing’s wrong if writs we write
Class Action Lawyers represent, for a fee, nothing’s free!

Encamped in petite palace, rich, sallow and quite callous;
Complain of others on the take, we’ve worked hard, earned bread we’ve baked.
Filled with love and charity (wish safety net was bit more white.)
Anyone can get ahead, not just dream: Blueblood’s delight!

Searching for promised land? Fraid ‘Murica’s now land of scams.
Who’s the cat and who is mouse? Sewer rats on feeble pounce.
Gone days of pioneers; when with hard work vast land was cleared.
(Though pioneers it is true, for natives’ land great hordes they slew.)

Have our values slipped away? Eschew hard work? Just cons now play?
Former land of liberty now just asks what’s in it for me?
‘Murica greedily slops at trough of prosperity!
Oh, glory be! It’s all free! It’s all free! Glory be!