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Straw into gold was gig Rumple played
Spinning day and night results did amaze
Could solve money problems; yes, it was so
Demanded fair exchange for pile of dough

Grimm Miller’s daughter did not read contract
When gold was all spun Rumple got the sack
Vapid blonde employer, art of the deal,
Grim sting of reality she’d sadly feel

False wealth created short term prosperity
Would illustrate there’s no lunch that’s free
Gold Stiltskin had spun great shot in the arm
Miler’s daughter sighed: No foul if no harm

Gold she’d collected was expensive note
Should’ve read the fine print that Rumple wrote
Balloon interest payment more than sky high
(Read conniving blonde’s first child must die)

“Wait just a minute!” little Miss screamed
“Usury amount illegally extreme”
Stiltskin shrugged then pulled contract from his hat
Gave evil grin, said, “Cast your eyes on that.”

Miller perused sections Rump did highlight
She gasped and stuttered; face turned pearly white
“Stiltskin,” she declared, “I’ll see you in court.”
His grin turned to sneer, “Good luck!” was his retort

Case of National Interest went Supreme
Rump’s attorney team was hungry and lean
Unanimous ruling that SCOTUS made
Sorrowful decision both sad and grave

Rumple preened and smiled, wink and a gloat
Asked, “Shall we renegotiate the note?”
Miller’s eyes got bright then she recoiled
She’d learned to fear strength of small gargoyle

“Please don’t be frightened,” evil gnome did hiss
“Symbiosis can get US out of this
Interest that’s due on gold that I’ve spun?
Postpone if you also promise second son.”

Miller’s mouth dropped open, knew she’d been had
Obscene payment changing to worse from bad
Caught by the short-hairs what was she to do?
(Lacking options signed second contract too)

Exchanged children’s tomorrows for fool’s gold
Promissory future life-sentence sold
We’ve been playing on borrow and spend
We’ll all wind up paupers when party ends!

money spiral