I updated this so I’m re-posting.


I silently pray by your side
That you cast the mote from your eye
We need your kind upon this earth
Come fill our lives with your great mirth

Real men don’t leave, that’s what they say
When times are hard the good men stay
They know that bad comes with the good
They push through pain; it’s understood

Cherish the days when you were young
Laughing and playing in the sun
We’ve hiked and camped and chased our bears
The oath of honor rings in my ears

You’re at the point of boy to man
The boy’s receding per God’s plan
You’ve tripped and fallen in a pit
Let Him resurrect you from it

There is no pit so black and dark
That with His love you can’t embark
Leave your somnambulistic land
Confirm His love and grasp my hand

I silently pray by your side
That you cast…

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