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Some values are quite antiquated
As are some views of the world
Living amongst the androgynous
Makes large part of population
Unclear how to treat boys and girls

They want us to swing back, swing back
Swing back to masculinity
Swing back, swing back
To animal hides and clubs, you see
Swing back, swing back,
Back before Nineteen fifty-two!
Swing back, swing back
When they see trannys they say Ohhhhh

Unclear as to the problem
It’s a big world with lots of room
It’s okay when couples get married
To have two brides or two grooms

The days of the lass and the laddie
When men ruled and women needed permission to speak
Is thankfully dead as a door-nail
And if you think there’s turning the clock back
With your tail you should play hide-n-seek!

The debate about public restrooms
Though presented as security risk
No matter rhetorical sanctimony
More about LGBT hate than safety

They want trannys to swing back, swing back
Pre-Jorgensen world they seek
Swing back, swing back,
Back in the closet with sexual freaks
Swing back, swing back
To when rainbows were shorthand for Noah speak
Please swing back the LGBT!

The problem with opening closets
Is everyone sees we’re a mess
Blaming the gay revolution
For modern problems with which were beset?
Specious argument from the beginning
And hypocritical at best

Swing back, swing back
Sex differentiation is what they seek
Swing back, swing back,
Blatant discrimination please!
Swing back, swing back
Oh, swing back to insanity!

The world is revolving and turning
Every moment in time and in space
If you can’t keep up with the changes
Time to drop out of the race

Sexual organs may be God given
But femininity’s surely man-made
The rules with how we deport ourselves
Is now anybody’s game

Women are made up of atoms
Same stuff as Adam’s rib
But if you think they’re evil temptresses
Then I fear your brain’s on the fritz

Cliché is that the female sex
Is just decorative and dumb
From these folks I need an answer
What century are you from?

We need to give slack, give slack,
Let people live and let live you see
Give slack, give slack
No gender rule universality
Give slack and embrace the world!