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Wallet empty but he displayed chutzpah
Exchange jokes for small parts? Would need big guffaw.
He sized me up, threw ring into the hat
Opening joke volley fell completely flat
Said, “I’ve got a million!” Forgot cha-cha-cha
Been a few decades since he’d earned ha-ha-has
Kept pitching foul balls won my grudging smile
Jokes weren’t funny but at least they were not vile
Audience just me and innocent man
Ambushed stranger was also not a fan
Despite foul balls pitched he managed to score
Small item gave him; walked him to the door
Parted with words, “You’ve been great! I’ll be back!”
Does that qualify as verbal attack?
Stinky Comodeian with no money blues
I fear with his jokes he can’t help but lose!

jimmy durante