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Reached for her this morning she was nowhere to be found
Great tears did surely flow and heart began to pound
Memories of our parting came flooding to my mind
Deluge of harsh words, both inaccurate and unkind

I knew she wasn’t guilty though I accused her still
Angrily retorted that I’m twisted and I’m ill
Flew from my apartment in blind red hot rage
Blamed her for my anger, guilty conscience to assuage

Moment that she left was when sorrow began to flow
Hoped hadn’t created rift that no tailor could re-sew
Repentance I felt came from very depth of my soul
Prayed she’d grant forgiveness and again make us whole

With telephone I sent apologetic text
In print said I was sorry asked her not to be vexed
Longed for quick reply that forgave my grave error
Hours passed with no response couldn’t calm growing terror

Dialed number several times but got sent to voice mail
Began to fear for her, not us, and grew very pale
Though the hour was late called her friends and her mother
Only succeeded in disturbing others in their slumber

Longed to rush to her but I knew not where to go
Sat in our dark apartment listening to stereo
Every song I listened to just caused me to weep
Prayed she was at a friends and happily asleep

Exhausted and uncertain fell into our empty bed
Hideous macabre images floated through my head
Long before the sun was up from empty bed arose
Again tried telephone wishing had accurate tarots

Left empty apartment while most of the city slept
Wandered round the streets hopelessly searching as I wept
Returned several hours later frozen from the cold
Despairingly turned the key and once again hope began to flow

Her coat was in the closet and phone was on the desk
Sleeping in our bed was my darling statuesque
Suffered mixed emotions felt both relief and anger
Must have learned my lesson because tongue I did self-censor

I knelt beside her pillow way up by her head
Stroked her hair to awaken her and then I softly said
“My darling, darling angel you had me worried to death
If you ever do this again I just may beat you dead”

phone on desk