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There are those highly averse to we who like to speak in verse, some scowl while others curse when this way I do choose to converse. Why to rhymes so adverse? We gain great strength by being diverse. Life just throws us worse and worse until we’re dead and in a hearse.

In a hearse, in a hearse!

When rejoicing don’t be terse, great word divide we can traverse. Rumination’s how thoughts get disseminated and disbursed. In economic universe where Keynes hold strings of great purse? Could rhyming song increase commerce and producers reimburse? This economic wet-nurse is model odd and unrehearsed.

Unrehearsed, unrehearsed!

Hope all can agree with me that this harmless frivolity lacks sufficient quality to justify folks harming me. But some wish to so you see, that even in land of the free, there’s restrictive quality in how we speak and what we see.

What we see, what we see!

We should exist in harmony lead lives filled with joy and glee, as we fly to word aerie located in the tallest trees (Absurd pause to confess to thee that I’m on rhyming spree, and to admit quite freely that I’ve had way too much coffee.) But even if we disagree no need to act haughtily.

Haughtily, haughtily!

Sadly sipping Earl Gray Tea all alone in great misery requires actions wild and woolly to set soul soaring free! Sing and dance eternally, “Let the music play on, play on, play on,” till we’re dancing drunkenly in joyful loving spree. Rastafarian man agrees world can be place quite irie if folks don’t use abaci to count fun’s potentiality. (Though like Lionel feel wild and free past time to move on I see.)

On I see, on I see!

Convoluted conversation, simple mental masturbation, constitutes as harmless fun, Hippocrates said harm no one. When we’re through with wacky fun, completed by daughters and sons no need to visit a Chaplin, nothing did splatter nor run. To silliness did abandon; hope I caused no extreme unction. If I caused deepest revulsion simple cure with this potion: Call the jailer then bondsman, run see the preacher and the nun, sing falsetto or as baseman, with these actions pain bludgeon! Next rhyming party hope you come, via taxi emblazoned; come in scull with coxswain, arrive by boat, crawl, walk, or just run. Promise rhyming song is done time for another libation!

Libation, libation!


Couples Dancing