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Once was master of my destiny,
It was I who sat on the throne
No longer true and I’m sad and blue
Play second fiddle inside my own home

Can’t just hangout, of that there’s no doubt
Yes, the old ways are finished and through
Wife came along changed beat of my song
And the worst part is this is true

It was I who took scalpel to me
Polonius said to be true to yourself
He was a liar but her little purr
Fire of amore it did stir
Immolated me in passionate zeal
My friends quipped about her cracking whip
In her bed our love was not staid
It was there I was a most happy man

I could not see through the haze of the smoke
That I was embracing emasculation
Wasn’t long before I realized
That I’d become a castrated man
I’m now! A castrated man!
Oh, yes I am! A castrated man!

Could not believe how well I’d been deceived
For my manhood I could now only grieve
My life was now pinks and purple pastels
Gone away sporting days and beer pong games
Old frat house friends she shot down in flames
When I asked her why just rolled eyes and sighed

Clearly didn’t understand bachelorhood’s end
Lifelong friends she just kept turning away
She was the cat and with me she would play
Wish I’d had courage to just run away
But I just caved and married her anyway
Independence just died
Exchanged manhood for a beautiful bride
Ask would I do it all over again?
I’d sooner flee far away and just hide
Because I’m now a castrated man

Looking back know that my love at first sight
Was simply lust fueled intertwining
Independence is just a shattered dream
I’m an abused and castrated man
I’m now! A castrated man!
Oh, yes I am! A castrated man!

I know emasculated marriage ain’t right
But to our bed I return night after night
This indecision
Whether to stay or go
Intense fire below
Wish I wasn’t so fiercely in lust
Desire for her is the absurdist
How can I quit my favorite head rush?
Lost will power as castrated man

Wish we’d started with a love that was pure
But our married life is just what it is
Friction as we lay just carries away
Leaving me just a castrated man

I’m now! A castrated man!
Oh, yes I am! A castrated man!

Whoa, whoa, go slow!
Basking in sweet afterglow.