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Fair of face is Tuesday’s child; nine-eleven actions reviled
No flash of thunder, with sound of light! Blitzkrieg followed terrorists’ flight
Nation with our eyes wide shut. Sure; we’re the good guys, always a “but”

Complicit in tyranny’s reign? All those damn Arabs look the same.
Just camel jockeys from medieval times, should be thankful for our discarded rinds
Don’t look our way, don’t point at us, in Caliphates should have no trust

I know we’re riled and we’re sad, some of us still swear Bush is bad
Had conspiracy to earn us oil, send in troops, the world despoil
Brought the devil from far away, to our Nation; here to stay?

After three fourths score of years, still see my eight-year-old with frightened tears
Who among us did not weep and for the infidels’ blood did seek?
But though I hate to say it’s true, we are complicit, me and you

No right had they to attack us! Murder our darling innocence!
But nearly every single mothers’ son here in US just cuts and runs
With their oil, fill our gut, turn blind eye to aggregate

I got mine so fuck you guys! Implicit motto so despised
Make ourselves out to be good guys; with our consumerism world we defile
Head’s not buried in the sand, ask if I’m angry? You bet I am!

Why’d they do it? What did they want? Will rationale forever taunt?
Song that asks, “Why can’t we be friends?” childish dreams all must end
To my darling USA I pray that we can light the way

An eye for eye makes whole world blind, surely we can ascend to sublime
More than prayers are needed here, so many payments in arrears
But who owes who and why is that? And just who is it getting fat?

Tonight as I lay me down to sleep, I’ll pray the Lord our world to keep
Who’s the wolf and who the sheep? Fangs are barred no chance for peace
But though I pray to God above I have such little faith in doves.

Walls that separate and enclose, stave off loving antidotes
But if we wish to leave carousel from hell, first job is to examine self quite well
Fight for Mobile, Exxon, Gulf: When, dear God, is enough enough?

Tit for tat we escalate! Our Oliver ‘gainst Third World Roland’s rape
Patriotism’s wearing thin when where we’re going where we’ve just been!
Who’s on first and what’s on second? Where can world find calming presence?

On this anniversary, again I weep, again I bleed
Tuesday’s child is fair of face but on this Sunday pray for grace