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Golden promises blot the sky
Offer life; deliver lies
To the slaughter go to feed
On this fodder mankind bleeds

Cheap and quick not to meant to last
get your swag and grab it fast
Trinkets sold as gifts worth gold
Lack of value does unfold

Push and shove, stab in the back
Treachery there is no lack
Duplicitous and two-faced
Selfishness controls our race

Human-beings as stepping stones
Each a queen who uses drones
Apathy rather than hate
Human dross exfoliate

Inherent or just training?
Devilish gene of evil strain?
Cain’s mark ever on our heads?
Burden carried until dead?

Preachers call for peace and love
Extol olive branch and dove
Ecumenical embrace
On deafened ears words are waste

Yahweh, Jesus, Allah save
Six thousand years; still are knaves
Love thy neighbor as thy self
Sermons left on dusty shelves

Education a way out
Path to travel more devout?
Learn a way not based on fear?
Rise up and hold others dear?

Brutish force or higher call?
Ancient question taunts us all
Base actions to which we sink
Stench of maggots, awful stink

Question of a thousand eons
Humankind or merely pawns?
Will we ever learn to trust
Or ever parry and thrust?


Pyramid of skulls