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Pravda means truth, Mir means peace
Kim Jong-un is new high priest
He who shouts loudest can’t be wrong
All sing Internationale song

All’s subjective so who’s to say
What value words have anyway?
Demagogue from the far left
Ranting ‘gainst imperialists

Brothers, sisters, comrades in arms
Spouting words of snakeish charm
One for all and all for me
If I don’t pay then it’s all free

Song of rights that’s oh so wrong
Responsibilities not theme song
I got mine so screw you guys
Bread and circuses our demise?

Push objective with big lies
Horror victory does disguise
Pit this race against that class
Ancient playbook mighty crass

On this globe of great lyublyu
Where many love self but others screw
Barbaric values we embrace
Doom us to life without grace

Kim Jong-un on horseback