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Lion with harem filled with feline pride
Mostly does stud work between lioness’ thighs
Division of labor ‘neath savanna sun
Mama doing leg work while Papa’s having fun

Mammoth maned behemoth with ferocious strength
Hard working females service him at great length
King of the jungle, regal work of lion’s race
Equality of sexes? Each one knows their place

Human action based on mores, not instinct
Gender based labor structure not so distinct
Lion’s share of wealth held by men with power
Restrictive glass ceiling grows ever taller

Rigid rules of behavior getting more lax
Opportunity no longer separate tracks
Just over horizon chauvinism’s past tense
Women’s work or men’s? Question with little sense

Lions that are roaring bout bygone days
Need to embrace egalitarian ways
Law of the jungle, living by might makes right
Law being replaced by rules with deeper insight

Woman’s place is in the house and senate too
One charging for White House ‘neath red, white and blue
The tide has turned, great change is in the wind
Time to end dogma of original sin

Lion with his harem filled with feline pride
Human equivalent concept is lie
Division of labor ‘neath savanna sun
When ancient lie dies equality has won



Female Soldier