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Hard job done by mostly honorable souls
What of the cops who take on role of criminals?
Nine-hundred-ninety confirmed shooting deaths
Nearly one-thousand by police laid to rest

Second Amendment land rises and falls
How many lives chewed in gaping maw?
To make an omelette some eggs we must break
Each of the deaths brings anguish and heart ache

To Protect and Serve motto that’s inscribed
What is racial breakdown of those who died?
Clear, cold statistics but what do they say?
Is cop Killing Machine a shade of gray?

Afro-Americans just thirteen percent
Double that number for percentage rent
Twice expected if Justice were blind
In U.S. just being black is a crime

All lives matter but black bears the brunt
Some of these cowboys out on a coon hunt
If all were equal in Land of the Free
Different proportions of killings we’d see

Numbers should be six-hundred-twenty white
Statistics skewed to minorities just not right
True, job of a cop is difficult and dangerous
How many more till we say enough’s enough?

Videos of unarmed men shot in the back
Too many cops act like they’re ones on crack
The bad guys go armed, they’re awfully mean
No one’s suggesting world’s calm or serene

Wall of Blue better open a chink
Out with the garbage that’s causing the stink
Last thing we need is a war with the cops
It’s Johnny Blue’s job to make mayhem stop

For dates and names of people killed by the police visit: http://www.killedbypolice.net/kbp2015.html


Cop pointing gun at camera