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La pequeña chicita bonita en botas vaquero rojas
Happily danced down the street y florecillas she tossed
Su cara estaba sonriendo y encantador
The people who saw her dancing, she they did adore

Su sonrisa se hizo felices and it inhabited all of her face
In those botas rojas se balanceó with an angel’s mesmerizing grace
She knew que el mundo se podía conquistar
And illuminate el cielo nocturno with the light de cien shooting stars

Bailando en libertad feliz on ambrosia of the gods she did feast
Sabía que su destino era ser bailarina sure as the sun rises up from the east
Su sueño to make others happy and feel la alegria of her dance
She knew que podría ser un gran bailarína if just given the chance

So she left her pequeño pueblo in hopes of becoming una estralla
Y en las botas de vaquero rojas danced far away from Chihuahua
Ahora she is famous dancer known for her grace and her smile
Hermosura never goes out of fashion and effervescence is a lovely style

Girl Dancing Red Cowboy Boots