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If I were King of The World, kid on a throne, what should I decree?
Can I by simple commandment make people live peacefully?
With scepter’s power could I discover secret to harmony?
Or would I with dread ruthlessness make all mankind bend to me?

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely
How long before I insist that each of you serves on bended knee?
“To thine own self be true,” Shakespeare had Polonius decree
Horrid, self-serving, self-righteous liar he turned out to be

King Log or King Stork it is I who decides who lives or bleeds
None may resist my most capricious desires stated as needs
Turbulent tyrant. how long before paradise turns to ennui?
Those that loved and adored me now in fear they are forced to flee

Is a king not a man? If you prick him does he not bleed?
Shylock derided magnanimity of humanity
Weak corporeal beings who too easily fall from grace
Have faith not in tyrants but rather soul’s own mirror embrace

If You were the King of The World what role do you think you’d play?
Would you stand as bright example or  limp as one whose foot is splayed
Each of us has demons inside that would love mankind to fillet
Give praise for unanswered wishes made in sad naiveté

king stork