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I have seen people post this picture of US President Barack Obama in an asinine attempt to equate his looking at a woman as being the equivalent of “locker room talk,” groping, demeaning or sexually assaulting a woman.
I cry bullshit.
Perhaps I cry bullshit because what BHO is doing absolutely is me.
I look at the pretties.
I point out the pretties to my coworkers, to my wife, and if I have an opportunity, I respectfully point out the beauty of the pretties to the pretties.
I also point out the talents, charms, strengths, compassion, intellect, imagination and myriad other fine attributes to women. I’ll even compliment men in that left-handed, bro-code certified, “Hey! You don’t suck!” sort of a way.
There are a very few radical feminists who find my looking and commenting on women barbaric.
So be it. Biology is what makes us who and what we are.
To equate an ogle, and for the sake of argument let us grant that Obama is ogling, to predatory behavior is asinine.
We are supposed to look at bodies. That’s how we’re designed.
And we’re supposed to treat one another with love and respect because that’s how we become more than our animal selves.
Life is short.
I’m going to ogle but you can bet your ass that I’m not going to be predatory about it.