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ISIL sex slaves

Little school girl here is a poem
It’s kinda kinky of the blue forum
What kind of man would wish this on you?
A dirty old bastard who’s sick through and through

You sit there all cute in your tight sweater
I sit fantasizing of making you wetter
But my way your eyes just don’t turn
Better think twice ‘fore my ego you spurn

I’m not very nice; fact I’m rather mean
Won’t hesitate to pull you into sex scene
It’s dreamy for Johns but sickening for Jills
Babies prevented by popping a pill

With ISIL fighters have similar goal
To crush your heart, body and soul
And when we’re done doing you
We send you along to the next man to do

ISIS fighter with little girl

You’re not a human, only three holes
Everyone knows it’s men who’ve got souls
Women are just silly play toys
Good girls submit to us bad boys

We do dirty deeds to dirty chicks
Know we’re real men when our parts you lick
No sense in complaining or running away
Next guy who gets you your hide may fillet

Unlimited number of dirty sluts
Who just love taking it dry up the butt
Simple equation of manliness
If you’re lucky we’ll start with a kiss

Beaten Woman

And if you please me and my dreams fulfill
Then I’ll chose your sister for my snuff film
Don’t look to your mommy or to your dad
I paid for you with spare change I had

If you need protecting or a kind word
I’m your pimping master, hadn’t you heard?
Is there a way out of this living hell?
Only know peace when six feet under you dwell

So come over here and sit on my face
You’d better be clean with no aftertaste
Because if you’re fishy you’re going to find
This hell you’ve been living was heaven divine

I’ve got the power, I’ve got the might
Submit to my will, don’t put up a fight
You know that you’re worthless and we all agree
Only reason you’re here is to service our wees

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