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Toyota, Toyota, my dealership
Pushed service add-on, swore it was legit
Dent Wizard, Dent Wizard touted as great
Overcame objections, did hesitate

On-line appointment with dealer I made
Silly mistake, ineffective not grave
Tires rotated for Fifteen-K miles
Of Dent Wizard service just shrugged and smiled

Dent Wizard, Dent Wizard please fix my ding
Confused run-arounds not a sublime thing
Purchased your service when I bought my car
Encountered nada but confusion so far

Called Dent Eight-Hundred and progress I made
Dent Wizard service now made in the shade
Left Hand and Right Hand have no harmony
Can someone explain what’s happened to me?

Paid for Dent Wizard but I’m getting dinged
Purchase Add-On just for profit making?
A Dent Master tech called looking for me
Will this be a hit or strike number three?

Said I’d called Toyota they had not a clue
Of how Dent Wizard they should pursue
Service Department sent to collision
Collision folks just wore a vapid grin

Tuesday morning pitched Dent Wizard a lob
Came in low and slow, please just do your job!
Man who answered phone received bit of my ire
To my complaint was not overly wild

Told call-center dude was at Toyota shop
I was there right on time, nine o’clock sharp
For another thirty I cooled my heels
Then phone rang, Dent Wizard finally here

Walked out of doors George Geiger I met
Explained my frustrations, he let me vent
We walked to my car and he took my key
Gave a wan smile commiseratively

In dealer service I now cooled my heels
Ardor for Dent Wizard still not congealed
George took possession at nine-forty-one
By 9:55 the dent work was done

Little door ding was a thing of the past
George did great dent work, and he did it fast
Encountered Geiger whose counter was grand
Shook our good-byes, told him he was the man

The Dent Wizard folks may have something good
To say same of dealer would be a falsehood
Toyota Dealership usually does great
Dent Wizard knowledge they fall to third rate

Can’t win ‘em all is a tune we all know
Dealership part of Dent Wizard just blows
The next time that I need a ding removed
Knowing the ropes will help it go smooth

In my mind Dealership fumbled the ball
T’was only one play, but that’s sure my call
A fine selection along with crack staff
Comes to Dent Wizard they fell on their ass