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Goodbye, Donny,
you’ve been crass.
I’m so glad you
fell on your ass.
Preaching hatred,
selling fear;
pray your fortune
falls in arrears.
not a wand
with which to intimidate,
you bungling clown.
I’m no fan of
but because of you I’ll
vote HRC.

I see a big fat blow-hard
whenever I see you.
Been cringing at your gruffness
and angry lies you love to spew.
Your mind is oh so
and it seems stuck in
That’s first year
Christians invaded Palestine
and played their Crusader tricks.

But perhaps I’m
being generous
in dating your sick brain
at single millennia.
For that Great Wall
of China
is an even older
point of shame.
This enormous
before Jesus
was around
did little to stop
marauding hordes
but for propaganda
it’s quite sound.

You tell us Muslims
are invading
that Mexicans are
an evil lot
but thing I am
most fearing
is having you as
our evil despot.
you salute,
Bible you misquote,
for you are merely propaganda tools
you wish to shove down
other’s throats
we see your true self,
you ugly goat!

You tell us you’re tremendous,
got great business acumen
but when we ask you
for your tax returns
you only
bluff and hem.
You like to show the
evils of DNC’s Hillary
even threatened her
with pillory.
Heaven knows she
no angel is
but next to you she
seems saintly.

You live to bully
and interrupt,
call those who oppose you
such rude names.
While all the time you’re
strutting like
a eunuch at
“ball” game.
In this season
of our discontent
you act so like
Richard the Turd.
All while claiming
that you’ll make us great again
but from garbage
quality is seldom served.
I wish that you had
just remained an evil
pussy grabbing douche.

But you’re intent on
creating a world
where sick bastards
like you run loose.
So I won’t be voting
Though that’s been my
preferred party.
So ashamed to
Have to say
that this year soul of Republicans
was washed away.

Goodbye, Donald.
Hope you fail.
And are left standing
with legs wrapped around tail.
You are horrid,
debased man;
think you copied
Mussolini’s plan.
So it’s goodbye,
please go away,
and with your deplorables
hope you stay.