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You know they want to rape us
Bite off our heads and drain us
This election’s got no one to vote FOR!
Fifteen-month projection
Had hoped GOP selection
Would quickly usher The Donald out the door.

Trump’s a nasty pugilistic brawler
Who I long to fit with a shock collar
Deplorable candidate; that’s for sure!
Doesn’t know meaning of consensus
Longs to encircle US with tall and wide fences
Knowledge of Constitution’s mighty poor.

Calls for extreme religious vetting
Islamophobia’s what he’s begetting
Longs to keep those filthy Muslims from our shores!
Kinda had my hopes on Kasich
But instead got Captain Bombastic
Evil that is Trump we can’t afford

But this coin that I’m tossing
Other side’s also coated with toxin
Hillary for president? Oh good Lord!
She too is such a race baiter
But her package comes wrapped in glittery paper
Swears high paying manufacturing jobs she’ll restore

I must bow to her demeanor
Commits felonies, not just misdemeanors
Hopes all her past transgressions we will ignore!
No doubt it’s a scoundrel we’ll be choosing
And USA’s one who’ll be losing
Gonna have to vote for the lesser whore

I know the choice that I’m making
Causes my center right heart such aching
But it’s true that I trust Hillary so much more!
More than The Donald who is lacking
Qualifications for presidency for which he’s so macking
Hope the country sees through that fat bore

Two-hundred twenty-eight years in the making
Forty-five is number next Pres is taking
Four presidents lost to assassins, that’s the score!
Ten more presidents that were shot at
Attacked by poison, bombed or riot
Fear forty-five’s chance of survival’s middling poor