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Sangre de vivo y sangre de dar
Red blood of life, love’s greatest gift by far
Sangre de Cristo, souls He may have saved
We can be saviors with what flows through our veins

A, B and C are all musical notes
With aleph-bet Hebrew scholars they wrote
Scrolls of the Torah call us to good works
Ancients let blood as antidote for curse

Soul saving’s for preachers; leave it to them
Here on this Earth life is more to my ken
Our composition comes from exploded stars
As dust we begin but as flesh we bear scars

Slings and arrows of outrageous fortune
Is why bloody gift love does importune
Let us not too soon shuffle off mortal coil
Gift of blood can make reaper recoil

Little poke, tiny prick, truly divine gift
A simple task that wondrously uplifts
There’s lives in the balance, peace to be won
Special gift of love to mother from a son

There but for God’s grace could lie you or I
Simple transfusion can make angels sigh
Calling on my brothers all over the land
Hermanos y hemanas please lend a hand

Lives in the balance could drop like grains of sand
Here is great chance to play god, though mere man
Quick as wink you’ll be back on your feet
Thunderous applause when you hit the streets

Por el amor de Dios donate blood
Please, won’t you give if young or aged?
No substitute for what runs through your veins
Saving lives sacred mission, not some game

Blood saves mother, father, daughter, son
Gift that lasts forever, till life is done
Sangre de vivo y sangre de dar
Red blood of life, love’s greatest gift by far

Give Blood