Put your mother on the ceiling is a game we all should play
Only takes imagination, inhibitions cast away
All the things we think we’re knowing let us for moment forget
Blank slate is Tabula Rosa, icon of thought testament

This thought game it may seem silly but it teaches us to think
Starting with a simple precept let’s see how deeply brains can drink
When our moms are on the ceiling that implies no gravity
Wrap your mind around the image, pretending sets our minds so free

When somebody calls you silly and a dreamer with no clue
Just remember ‘magination is the tool to see us through
We can escape our tormentors if we have a place to go
Without mental reservations in dark winter flowers grow

This does not mean be a doormat, use your brain to make it so
(If a mean bully continues be sure to let an adult know!)
Imagination takes some practice if we wish to do it well
When we all sit on the ceiling? Perfect spot for show and tell!

The world needs divergent thinking, seven colors in rainbow
You may have a better answer, if you don’t try how will we know?
Imagination is important but leave room for common sense
Make time for on the ceiling but living there can cause offense

There are rules and regulations to make things work and keep us safe
Only bad imaginations tell us to jump into lakes!
It is time to leave the ceiling and gently come down to earth
Hope you practice some pretending; it’s a skill that has great worth

Take your mother off the ceiling, set her in her happy place
When this game is truly over go and with mom share embrace
Doesn’t matter if she’s not with us, she sure loves us anyhow
Let’s all wave to our mamas, throw a kiss and take a bow.

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