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Debits and credits, black ink and red
Forces equal and opposite on which we’re fed
Freedom’s a catch phrase embraced by all
Balance of responsibility’s where so many fall

“I know my rights!” is modern mantra
But a debt to others seems lost in past era
A civil society is ruled by law
Legislative reform available to large and small

Seems like so many are now on the take
Whole lot of fakers who are on the make
Service is for suckers, let George do it all
When in doubt on rich man’s taxes we can fall

Statue of Liberty declares freedom for tired, poor refugees
Seems more and more of us long to live dole fully
He worked hard for his, now give some here to me
What was once taken with a blush now reached for greedily

How did we go from Land of the Free
To a nation whose anthem seems to be, “How about me?”
Basic infrastructure, schools, roads and water
Too oft are being elbowed out while Uncle Sam grows ever larger

Children are dependent on parents for what is needed to survive
The more we suck on Federal teat the more we die inside
Safety net that’s trans-morphing into hammock
Seems to me a sure sign of government run amok

Ask not, ask not, was line from JFK
Seems that sort of thinking now is quite passé
Don’t know how we went from little take along with give
All I know is this sure ain’t no way to live.