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 Make a Cross, brother, make a cross
That’s what preacher man said
With a Cross, brothers, with a cross
With His Cross heathens lies we’ll shred

Great Nation once was land filled with His grace
‘Gainst evil onslaught we must now all brace
Motto says in God We Trust
Our God is Yahweh, not idol who rusts

When you enter from foreign shores
Leave ignorant ways at the border
Here God tells us right from wrong
Bible teaches us with psalms

If you are blind to simple fact,
Jesus rules and others lack,
Authority of Divine Rule,
Then you in truth we’ll gladly school

With testimony of devout
We shall drive dark infidels out
Diversity is well and fine
But this land follows Bible divine

You Islamists, Wiccans, Jews
Are not ruled by Golden Rule
Your chants of eye for an eye
Time of Revelation’s nearly nigh

Drop your idols and repent
Through Jesus Eternal Life is sent
My God’s right and your gods wrong
Praise True Lord and then move on

To a world so Heavenly
Where all God’s children can live free
Free from hate and free from war
Holy Bible does assure

That He’s The Way, The Truth, The Light!
Those evil idols God will smite
With the sword of Abraham
Christian Soldiers Bibles in hand
A modern day Gideon’s Band

Cast off your blinders see the light
Step from devil’s shadow, banish night
For this in Jesus’ name I pray
If you disagree then just go away

Back to the land of Baal
To ignorance and all things mystical
His Word is truth for all to see
There’s just one faith that sets you free

There is no peace lest you know God
Sent His Son the Earth to trod
To heinous death he did submit
And for heathens to admit

He is The Way, The Truth The Light
His path is the only one that’s right
All the Christians of the land
We shall bring his reign to hand

Once we’ve struck the heathens down
We’ll drum false Christians out of town
Far too many who claim the name
Through aberrant practice cause Jesus shame

In great new US theocracy
With holy submission we’ll all live free
Free from care and free from woe
Truth of God is what we’ll know

And when schisms again appear
From the front or from the rear
Beat our plowshares back into spears
And chase false Christians out of here