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Savages! Savages! Those trillers of “R’s”!
Mexicano peons invade nation of ours
With calves the size of cantaloupe they murder and rape
Iowa’s Steven King US’s defender first-rate?!
Just coincidence shares name with macabre master?
His kind’s strategy’s hawking impending disaster

With sharp sword of fear they thrusts at their foes
Ignorant hate; wide net they love to throw
Trumpets common sense to white working class
Swear they’ll keep out all those brown-eyed wet-backs
Never any scarcity of hate and fear
Just need a wall to keep bad things out of here

Los Estados Unidos de México
And USA once were simpatico
Now all about skin color don’t cha know?
Sarah Palin’s rabid grizzly, ain’t it so?
Goose stepping’s dance craze that goes round and round
Crumbling foundation built this great nation on?

Roosevelt’s statement about fear got it wrong
Pogo spot on when he turned FDR around
Where do we stand and what do we accept?
Terrible living lives so circumspect
Security trumps freedom, fear trumps love
How does jibe with Golden Rule from above

Hand up for a brother is way to grow all
Choice is to cower or stand straight and tall
With solidarity we rise, never fall
Next time we’re tempted to heed words of hate
Act more like loving hermanos ‘fore it’s all too late