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Leo Briceño made me step up!
Leo Briceño made me step up!
He laughed at my singing said, go do your best
Leo Briceño has my heart I here confess
Leo Briceño said no room for second rate
Leo Briceño said you own your own fate
Leo Briceño is my kind of man
Leo Briceño does the best that he can

None of us perfect that is so true
If you saw me you would know I know it too
But striving for perfection is part of life’s game
With each and every failed attempt greater mastery we gain
Leo Briceño knows how to coach
Leo Briceño knows that striving is no joke
We all have monsters, demons that we fear
But if we turn and face them we can drive them from here
Leo Briceño a sensitive soul
Leo Briceño has riches untold
Leo would walk a mile to help a friend
When things fall to pieces with big broom he’ll sweep up the mess

Leo Briceño a big teddy bear
Seeing Leo you’d swear he has no cares
But deep in his heart he’s the sensitive type
In the name of justice sure hope you treat him right
Leo, Leo, Leo Briceño
Leo, Leo, Leo the whole wide world should know
Leo is a man who’d give you the shirt off his back
If you push him hard enough be assured he will push back

Leo Briceño es mi amigo
Leo Briceño le gusta a todo del mundo
He has the fire deep in his heart
And when it comes to loving Leo sure knows his part
Leo Briceño tienes un corizon
Leo Briceño is welcome in so many people’s homes
He is both a leader and competitor
And if you mess with Leo you will soon learn the score

Silly little rhymes about a great man
Living in The USA doing the best he can
Never underestimate the power of love
El poder del espíritu santo fits him just like a glove
Leo Briceño my song it ends here
But though my singing is finished I’ll always hold you dear
Leo Briceño I’m wishing you well
Leo is one in a million este hombre is swell